Jan 2024 Offering

2023 LA Cyber workshop - 2023 Louisiana Cybersecurity Assurance Plan Workshop
Date & Times
Jan 4, 2024 from 9 AM - 12 PM

Local governments in Louisiana are among the most vulnerable victims, largely due to the infrastructure youʼre defending and the limited budget and human resources you have to do so.

Sophisticated cyber threat actors exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money and have developed capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services.

Poorly protected contact information can help cyber criminals execute highly specific phishing campaigns and data breaches.
Defending against these cyberattacks is essential to maintaining our security. Any cyberattack, no matter how small, is a threat to our local, state and national security and must be identified, managed, and shut down.

Max Attendance
52 (27 Open Seats)
RTMC Downstairs Conference Room

10 Veterans Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70124

POST Approved
Target Audiences
Emergency Management
Open To The Public
None Set
Registrant Notes

Open to state and local governments also open to special services districts:

Target Audience to name a few:
State Government Agencies
Local Government (Parish and Municipal)
Special Service Districts (Fire, Police, Gravity Drainage, Water, Sewer)
District Attorneys
Tax Assessors
Clerks of Courts
Communication Districts
School Districts

Registration deadline is Jan 2, 2024 5:00 PM

Course Roster

Course registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Benjamin, Jalen KIPP
Benton, David Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court
Broussard, John East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office
Carr, Clarence Habor Police Department
Dardar, Arlen Plaquemines Parish School Board
Eleew, Ryan Orleans Parish Communication District
Ethridge, Kendall City of New Orleans
fasold, karl orleans parish communication district
Gardner, John GOHSEP
HARVEY, PATRICK Plaquemines Parish
Hew, Robert First Parish Court
Messerle, Mike KIPP New Orleans Schools
Milam, Maxwell NOHSEP
Murray, James Louisiana Supreme Court
Nelson, Ron City of New Orleans
NEWTON, NATALIE City of Kenner
Nunley, Ja'Na KIPP New Orleans Schools
Palermo, Dawn Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court
Rahaim, John St. Bernard Parish Government
Remble, Michael KIPP New Orleans Schools
Reuben, India City of New Orleans/ Municipal and Traffic Court of New Orleans
Samuelson, Eric KIPP New Orleans
Stenson, Michael Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court
Szymurski, Richard Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court
Weiss, Ashley International School of Louisiana