Apr 2024 Offering

MGT 312 - Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness
Date & Times
Apr 16, 2024 from 8 AM - 4 PM

This course provides a forum to discuss strategic and executive-level issues related to all-hazard disaster preparedness, to share proven strategies and best practices, and to enhance coordination among officials responsible for emergency response and recovery from a disaster. This workshop integrates a multimedia scenario and vignettes that highlight key issues and facilitates executive-level discussion of the United States’ National Strategy for Homeland Security. Additionally, the forum provides an opportunity to apply lessons learned from past local and national all-hazards disasters.

This course includes seven distinct modules incorporating lecture, discussion, and a practical exercise. Each module focuses on a key component of disaster preparedness, such as Culture of Preparedness, Integrated Partnerships, Organizing for Success, Crisis Communications, etc. Within the various modules are opportunities for group interaction and discussion. The final module of the course is designed to provide the participants the opportunity to develop an action plan or to-do list for follow-up consideration and action.

The practical exercise consists of an expanding incident, designed specifically to address the local community’s needs or concerns. Participants are provided information and periodic updates, after which they are given a list of questions to consider and discuss. Through these updates, the incident builds upon itself until it reaches a mass casualty/catastrophic level, thereby overwhelming the normal capabilities of the local jurisdiction and challenging the participants to consider their local policies, resources, and limitations.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for local or regional executives to share strategies and coordinate plans for emergency preparedness and response. This workshop is an effective process for discussing executive-level issues with leaders from the agencies involved in all levels of the emergency management structure.

LSU AgCenter

157 Cherokee Drive
Crowley, LA 70526

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Target Audiences
Civil Air Patrol, Education, Emergency Management, Emergency Management Director, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire, First Responders, Government Administrative, HAZMAT, K-12 educators, Law Enforcement, Medical (Hospital), Private Sector, Probation/Parole Officers, Public Health, Public Safety Communications (911), Public Works, Security and Safety, Transportation, and Volunteer Organizations
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Registration deadline is Apr 15, 2024 11:59 PM