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INTRO ER - Intro to Expense Review
Date & Times
Feb 27, 2024 from 9 AM - 10:15 AM

"This course provides participants an introduction into Expense Reviews at a very high level. The topics addressed in this course include: Distinguishing between Small Projects and Large Projects, the function of the Express Pay System (EPS) and its impacts on the Expense Review process, an overview of the five Work Summary types, proper methods for completing an Expense Review, proper use of Working Copies, and the LouisianaPA.com (LAPA) Expense Review workflow queues. This course is a pre-requisite to ""Expense Review: Rented Equipment & Materials,"" ""Expense Review: Force Account Labor & Force Account Equipment,"" ""Expense Review: Contract Work,"" and ""Expense Review: Miscellaneous.""

This course is one part of a five part course series that collectively were formerly taught as one course named ""Expense Review"" and also ""Beginner Expense Review."" ""Expense Review"" and ""Beginner Expense Review"" do satisfy this course requirement but each of the courses should be taken separately if renewing for course credit. The five courses are as follows: ""Intro to Expense Review,"" ""Expense Review: Rented Equipment & Materials,"" ""Expense Review Force Account Labor & Force Account Equipment,"" ""Expense Review: Contract Work,"" and ""Expense Review: Miscellaneous Items.""

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50 (28 Open Seats)
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7667 Independence Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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